Residential Services


Panels Changes

If you need an electrical panel upgrade, you need the professional expertise of certified electricians. Residential fires account for multiple deaths, injuries, and property damage each year. Don’t become a statistic by trying to install it yourself.

Not only is the process dangerous for the average person to do, but it is hazardous if you do not do it correctly. Don’t risk it. Call on the best electricians in Bend Oregon to help you out when you need panel upgrades. Don’t get shocked.

We are here to help by doing all of your electrical installation and repair work. our experienced certified electricians can handle any electrical upgrades you need to do.


Home Safety Inspections

Knowing your home is safe from fires is worth a lot. Having the confidence in your electrical system to avoid the worry is the goal for us at Best Bend Electrician. We take every job we do seriously and we understand that keeping your home safe for your family is job one. Call on the best electricians in Bend Or to help when you need home safety inspections.

We take the time to inspect and assess your electrical system so that you know it is safe. We reinstall or rewire as necessary and we know how to add wiring to existing wiring while following the safety standards. If you are looking for an electrical contractor in Bend or you need professional electricians.

Trust us with any installation, rewiring, or lighting job. Don’t leave the safety of your home to chance.



If you’ve ever been “left in the dark” during or after an electrical storm, you’re not alone. But there’s help to be found even in these harrowing situations. Feeling around in the dark is a scary experience and who has a flashlight handy in these situations?

Power outages happen. That’s just a part of life in our light-dependent society. But if you can find your cell phone and it’s charged up, you can give us a call immediately after it happens and we will be there to assess the problem.

We offer 24/7 emergency service in the Central Oregon and surrounding areas. We can come to your aid anytime day or night to get your power back and repair the damage left by lighting and storm damage. We also handle fire damage repairs.

We can install generators so that you will have backup power during the stormy times. Then we will monitor or check on it for you anytime to make sure it is properly installed and working correctly.


General Home Electrical Services

For all of your electrical installation and repair needs, home maintenance and inspections, and more, you can count on us. We are your Bend electricians in Bend, Oregon. Whether you are looking for an electrical contractor in Bend or any other type of repair or inspection, you can count on us.


Commercial Services


Building Renovations

If you need to renovate your commercial or retail space, we’re here to help with that, too. We have the tools and expertise to turn your drab space into the perfect business office, retail space, or outlet that you’ll be proud of.

One of the important things about building renovations is that you have your electrical system wired properly. You must make sure you are following the ordinances of your local area and following proper precautions to prevent fires and other types of damage.

Our contractors, builders, and electrical experts can work together to create the perfect commercial building that is completely wired to handle your individual electrical needs. Sometimes all it takes is a facelift by redesigning your workspace or other areas to bring some life back into your home or business area.


24 Hour Emergency Services

Who will you call when the lights go out? We handle 24/7 emergency services when you have power outages or storm damage.

No one wants to be “in the dark” any longer than they have to. If you have lighting, fire, or storm damage, give us a call and let us know. We’ll be there before you know it to assess the damage and devise a plan to get your home back in proper working order.


Commercial Property Services

What is worse than having your electrical power go out in your home? You guessed it! Having your commercial property lose electricity while customers are in your store. People will immediately leave the store and any sales that you might have made will be canceled.

You might not be able to do anything about the immediate uproar, but you can get emergency help for the damage or repairs that you need to get your business back online again.

When the lights go out or storm damage hits, you need professional electricians in Bend Oregon and an electrical contractor you can count on.

If you are searching for electricians Bend Oregon has the help you need! We are the best electricians in Bend Or and our customers will prove it.

We won’t leave you in the dark.


Electrical Testing

Need an electrician to test electronic components or troubleshoot an existing industrial or commercial electric system? We have the equipment and devices needed to ensure that your electrical systems are working efficiently. 

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“I needed Electricians Bend Oregon to come to my home for an electrical emergency. We had a really bad ice storm that hit Washington State up where my mother lives down to my home in Bend and I needed electricity fast. They were able to come quickly and install a power generator to get my home back up to speed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Doug C.

“I had the electricians at Electricians Bend Oregon come to my home to install my contemporary chadelier. It was a big project and they were super professional. It came out great. I highly recommend them .” Lucas S.

“Love the way my bathroom looks now! Thank you Electricians Bend Oregon for all your help.” Ashley W.

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