Residential Services 

Bend Electricians Bend Oregon has you covered when it comes to residential services. No matter what kind of electronics or electrical service you need installed or maintained in your home, we can take a look and do what is necessary to get you going. Don’t try to install things yourself if you don’t know what to do with electricity. We have skilled, trained and experienced electricians here willing to take the risk, so you don’t have to. It can be a shocking experience! Below is a list of things we can do for you in your home to make it safer and more efficient.

Exhaust Fans

Understanding the equipment needed for a functional, safe, and efficient home is important. One of those items that are often overlooked is an exhaust fan. The purpose of an exhaust fan is to remove moisture out of your rooms such as bathrooms and other areas that tend to collect moisture. It can also help move old air out and new air in, decreasing the need for air fresheners in the bathroom or kitchen area. Exhaust fans make it easier to keep an area free from moisture, which can lead to mold or mildew.

In addition to removing moisture from your damp areas, they also reduce fumes that might accumulate form cleaning chemicals that could cause a potential health hazard in your house.

When you need exhaust fans installed in a new or used home, contact us at Bend Electricians. We know how to install exhaust fans quickly and efficiently and keep your home dry and safe.

Dedicated Circuits

Dedicated circuits are circuits that are used specifically for one single appliance only. This is necessary with large voltage appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other large appliances. This is something you may rarely think of daily, but it is important when you are making sure that your home is safe for everyone involved.

From the technical end, dedicated circuits are installed so that they have their circuit breaker and electrical box. No other appliances are shared with this circuit box and circuit breaker. This keeps the appliance safer and more efficient and may cut down on potential power outages in the event of a lightning storm or other natural phenomenon or power surge.

The average homeowner may not know that there are various amps use for individual appliances. For example, mid-range items such as hair dryers only use 20 amps of power. Heavier duty appliances such as clothes dryers use up to 50 amps. The specialized circuit breakers that you find with the dedicated circuit systems offer more control over the flow of electricity and keep appliances from blowing a fuse.

Children are the most vulnerable to accidents because they often trust their environment too much due to a lack of understanding of what electrical outlets do.

Equally important, fire officials state that electrical fires are one of the main reasons for fires in the average home. The more you can do to lower your risk, the better and safer your home is for everyone concerned.

Surge Protections

The amount of people who have been shocked by electrical currents has gone down over the last few years. It is believed that one of the reasons for this is the increase in surge protectors and DCI compliant units that lower the threat of electrocution.

Unless you are careless or overload your circuits, there should be no reason why you would ever get shocked by your electrical appliances. Of course, you should observe the standard common sense concepts such as not being near large electrical devices during a lightning storm.

That being said, without surge protectors, there’s nothing to come between you and a powerful surge of lightning or overload on your circuits. To prevent these dangers and a possible fire in your home, ask an electrician Bend Oregon to install surge protectors in all of your major electrical areas. You will lower your risk of fire and shock with this one act. 

Wall Heaters and Thermostats

Homeowners have two things in their mind these days when it comes to home appliances. They want to be comfortable in their homes and they want to be efficient with their use of appliances. 

Many people today are paying more attention to taking care of the environment no matter what your political views on the matter. Controlling the amount of electricity used in the home can lower individual electric bills, something everyone is fond of.

Making your home and office equipment more efficient also increases productivity. With wall heaters and thermostats you can control and monitor your output and see how efficient the other aspects of your home really are. We can install wall heating and thermostat units at a reasonable price in a reasonable amount of time. Call us to learn more by phoning the Bend electricians in bend Oregon.

GFCI Receptacles

Electricity can be complicated. It can also be dangerous. GFCI stands for “ground fault circuit interrupter. Another name for this is an RCD, which is a type of circuit breaker that automatically shuts off power when there is a lack of homeostasis (balance) between incoming and outgoing current. This may protect your home from fire often and prevent electric shock for individuals. 

If you need GFCI receptacles installed in your home, call us today for a free estimate. 

USB/Duplex Outlets

Who doesn’t use USB these days? USB means “universal serial bus,” and it is one of the most common types of power that is used with computers, tablets, digital cameras and many other devices that are used today. 

If you’re tired of having to lug around your bulky laptop just to have access to USB power and all of your USB devices are down, you might need to have USB duplex outlets installed in your home. Imagine the convenience of having USB outlets that share the circuit with AC so you don’t have to have separate connections to connect your USB units. You may notice that a lot of hotels use USB receptors these days. There is a reason for this. USB has become a staple electrical system outlet that people need regularly to charge cell phones, run electronic devices, and stay connected. Call us to learn more about how we can install USB duplex outlets in your home and make your life simpler and more convenient. Then you won’t always have to have a computer right beside you.

LED Lamps/Modules

LED stands for “light-emitting diode.” LED is one of the most energy-efficient types of lighting available today. Many of the new lighting technologies that are being invented rally around this new technology.

LED lamps have become quite popular these days. You’ll see them on home shopping TV channels as well as many other television programmes and commercial ads. 

That’s because they are a convenient and often portable way to have lighting without having to always have a large overhead light on which burns more electricity and increases your bill. 

With LED lamps and modules you can be more efficient in your home environment while still having the overhead light that you need to work, read, or study. Many people keep an LED light near the computer and these are usually run and powered by USB which can be charged with a battery. 

We can install these units with a full module for you so call for more information today. When you call the electrical contractors Bend Oregon trusts, we make your life more convenient so you can get back to work and focus on the things that matter.

Remember, if you’re looking for an electrician Bend Oregon has one name you need to remember: Bend Electric. Contact us or fill out the contact form on the contact page to learn more about the many services we offer residents in the Bend Oregon area.

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