Commercial Services

We offer top-quality commercial services to our business customers. Whether you need a computer network installed in your office, video surveillance put in for security, or other electrical needs, We can help. At Bend Electric Services, we put our customers’ needs first and listen attentively to what you need.

Below is a list of our primary commercial installation and electrical services that we offer. If you don’t see what you need on the list, give us a call anyway and we’ll talk to you about what we can do for you.

Smart Home Integration

Smart technology is here to stay. Many people like to install Smart home technology because it allows them to increase the level of security in their office whether they are at in the office or away. It allows them to have access to electronics, lighting, sound systems, and much more.

Smart Home Integration is centralized and situates your entire electrical system all in one place and allows you to control your entire commercial space with one button. This could also deter crime and is an excellent security tactic. With smart home integration, you can make it look like someone is at your business even if you’re not. 

It can alert law enforcement about suspicious activity immediately. If you would like smart home integration installed in your commercial space, let us know and we’ll be there. It will give you extra piece of mind and may be one of the smartest things you’ve ever done. 

Audio and Video Equipment

Do you need audio and video equipment for your retail or commercial area? Audio and video equipment can range from anything simple such a simple home theater sound systems to sophisticated audio or video surveillance or conferencing equipment. Perhaps you have a central office and you need video conferencing equipment to communicate with your clients and B2B partners. With the right equipment and installation, you can stay connected anytime.

Maybe you like would to purchase audio equipment to create surround sound in your office from a centralized location such as your closed-circuit TV system. Or maybe you would just like video cameras installed for security or for an extra entertainment or gaming system to entertain your customers. Whatever your need, we can help. Bend electricians have the expertise we need to install your audio and video equipment to create the communications or surveillance system you want. Give us a call and we will tell you what we can do to set up your audio and video equipment in your commercial location. Our number is 458-221-9786

Home Theatre Installations

Do you own a movie theater or entertainment company such as a community theater group or music concert hall? Maybe you’re a retailer and you need to announce special deals on a PA system that everyone will hear. Game centers that focus on allowing kids to play games needs a lot of electricians’ advice! If this sounds like your industry, you’re in luck because we know everything we need to know to set up something as complicated as a full gaming center, theatre speaker installations, and much more.

Using sound and media where you pump up the volume once in a while can help you drive sales and bring more people into your business. Real estate company owners have learned a long time ago how to use a local AM radio frequency to advertise new homes and bring people in within a 4-mile radius what nothing else could. Some retailers may just want to keep it subtle and come on the PA once in a while with a reminder about coming sales.

You can even use live video feeds online to create hype for your products and services. But you need a good audio and video system set up first.

Entertain your customers while they shop or make announcements on a PA system. Whatever the case we can help you create your home theater situation by installing the wiring and components that are necessary to accomplish this. Call us for estimates on what it will take and how long of a process it is and will be glad to help. Having your theater system is something to be proud of, and we can even wire it for 24/7 access to video conferencing if you wish.

Network Data Cabling

They say that something is only as strong as the weakest link. This is also true with your office network system. If a virus or malware infects one computer, your entire network could be at risk. Ask yourself as a business owner if you can afford that kind of downtime. Part of this goes back to the way your network is installed and how well the security has been worked out in a network. We have experienced technicians and technology experts who know how to do the electrical wiring of advanced data systems including fiber optic cabling, DSL and wireless connections and much more. 

There’s no simple answer to every electrical issue. When you need electricians Bend Oregon has the answer: Bend Electrical Services. Ask us what we can do if you need network data cabling put in, and we will come to your site to give you an estimate.

Video Surveillance

We’ve gotten used to cameras being everywhere in our world today. Some people feel uncomfortable with all the cameras around, but one thing it does for the business owner is that it gives them an extra piece of mind. With an excellent video surveillance system installed, if someone did rob your store or commercial business, the video you captured would all be admissible in court.

Every night on the news, you can see where people were caught shoplifting or stealing money from the cash register all because there was video surveillance in the location at the time of the robbery.

Furthermore, burglars and robbers depend on not getting caught. They don’t want to be seen or picked up on a video camera or surveillance device. 

They figure out which stores have video surveillance and which do not. Ultimately, the one that is never robbed is the one with video surveillance equipment. 

It is just a smart business owner who takes precautions and lets the world know that they are being watched when they come into your place of business. 

What better weapon do you have than to install your own video surveillance system? Then you will catch prowlers and suspicious characters’ vehicles that you may not know about otherwise. Law enforcement people state and crime statistics support the fact that people with a sign that says they have a video surveillance system are at least 50% less likely to be robbed than those who do not have surveillance or a warning about it.

Call your electrical contractors Bend Oregon trusts, Bend Electric Services and tell us you want to have professional video surveillance installed. It can mean the difference between being robbed and being smart.